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FriendFeed as Group RSS Reader [All Things M]

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One of the things I love about FriendFeed is it’s versatility. Yes I know FriendFeed was acquired by Facebook and some are dooming it to extinction and I also realize thatsome people believe “RSS is dead.” Whatevs. I love FriendFeed and I love RSS even more. If I were kip I’d write a song about how much I love them. I’ll give them up when Web 5.0 pulls them from my cold dead hands. Anyway…

Have you ever wanted a way to share hundreds of feeds or even just a few feeds all in one place where everyone can view them? Sounds a lot like one the several dozen start pages out there doesn’t it? But what if you want people to be able to comment on a particular story there on the feed reader or export all of those feeds as one RSS feed?

This is where FriendFeed shines. I know several people that use FriendFeed as their only feed reader because of it’s many features. Today I wanted to create a massive RSS feed of hundreds of Marketing, Advertising and PR blogs. Why? I’m not really sure, I just did. j/k It’s a shared feed I created for an internal group as a resource but there’s no reason everyone can’t use it.

Introducing All Things M. (Apologies to Walt and Kara) Right now I have just added the top 150 AdAge Power 150 blogs, but plan on expanding that list as time goes on. Just for fun I also set up a TwitterFeed to feed it’s own All Things M Twitter account. I’m only sending 5 links every half hour to Twitter so it would be the best place for a sampling of the uber feed.(I’m also still working out some bugs in the RSS to FriendFeed to RSS to TwitterFeed to Twitter integration.)

If you’re on FriendFeed feel free to subscribe to the All Things M group. If you’re not on FriendFeed feel free to bookmark the page and check back often. If you’re feeling daring you could even subscribe to the all up RSS feed in your favorite feed reader but that’s a lot. Or if you prefer, follow the All Things M Twitter account.

Hope you find this useful. Let me know.

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