Either Wikipedians are Wicked Fast or Google News is Getting Slower

News is supposed to be fresh and current. An encyclopedia is a reference for archived information not news. Right? Read\Write Web is reporting that Google News alerts are now turning up Wikipedia entries.
Google News May Add Wikipedia as a Source

When was the last time you used Google News?

Either those Wikipedian’s are wicked fast or Google News keeps getting slower. I remember when Google News used to bring you (what seemed like at the time) near real-time news results. Now thanks to Twitter, FriendFeed and other real-time social sites I don’t even remember the last time I used Google News.

Seems to me that integrating Twitter into Google News as well as Wikipedia would really provide some value. You’d combine traditional news with crowd sourced reference and real-time context. I’m sure there’s a Grease-Monkey script for that.

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