Creating Smarter Organizations.

Image via Wikipedia Previously I attacked the prickly area of Trust. This time I want to tackle an equally tricky area: Knowledge. There are few areas inside a company, large or small, that are trickier to track than knowledge. There’s an entire professional disciple dedicated to knowledge management and even … Continue reading

The military to use wiki’s to fight insurgence

Wiki based battle plans? Or Military 2.0? Counterinsurgencies have been called learning competitions. With COIN, the side that learns faster and adapts more rapidly – the side with the better learning organization – usually wins. A good friend of mine just forward me a Department of Defense request (sorry no … Continue reading

Blogging Makes You Smarter

As I’ve been talking with companies about why they should be blogging (demonstrate expertise, SEO, project management, knowledge management) one reason struck me the other day as probably THE best reason to blog: Blogging Makes You Smarter It will make you, your employees and your entire organization smarter. If you … Continue reading