About Tim Bursch

Tim Bursch is a guy that cares about making connections and helping people. He likes relationships vs. transactions. Tim values community and giving back. He spent 12 years trying to fit into a normal job. When the opportunity came, he decided to take take action on an idea using both his experience and his passion for making connections. He started a business that invested over 10% of it’s revenues to impact an overlooked community. Currently, Tim manages social media marketing efforts at Gage. He is really good at drinking coffee and reading lots of

The Cost of Not Using Social Media

Today’s post provided by regular contributor and commentor @timbursch, you can read more thoughts from Tim on hos own blog http://timbursch.com/ Everyone’s using social media to reach more customers, right? Most major brands have at least established a presence. But what if you’re not convinced? What if the initial investment is … Continue reading