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I love comments. I encourage comments. Your comment is the most valuable payment I can receive for my effort here. I especially encourage you to comment if you disagree with me. I love a good healthy debate and believe that it makes us all better. But please keep it clean. Personal attacks on any of the writers or other commentors are not permitted (even if they spell something wrong).

I use Disqus to manage comments on this site. All comments are set to publish automatically. However if your comment didn’t show up it is likely that you had too many links in the comment in which case I will have to manually approve the comment. It is also possible for some reason that Disqus has blocked you as spam. It does this sometime. If this happens the best way to let me know is on Twitter @NewCommBiz.

Additionally there are some very stealthy spammers out there who leave seemingly genuine comments. If you do not use a legitimate sounding name or pseudonym, then it is very possible I will mark you as spam. For example if your username or the website that you link to in your profile has anything to do with selling merchandise or is related to industries known for contributing to the growing spam problem, then you may be deleted. Sorry. If this happens and you believe it was unfair, again Twitter is the best channel for feedback @NewCommBiz.

Finally, comments are closed on posts older than 60 days because after that the only people commenting are spammers.

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