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The Future of Work in a Social Local Mobile World

The theme of #LeWeb is SoLoMo, a phrase I absolutely hate. It stands for Social, Local, Mobile. But while I hate the phrase, there’s no doubt about the power of the combination of those three things. Yesterday I noticed a trend among several of the speakers and that was about … Continue reading

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Could Gamification Replace Management?

What’s your immediate response to the idea of replacing all management in your company with leader boards and badges? Does it scare you? Does it make you angry? Does it seem so ludicrously Machiavellian that you laugh in disgust? Good, me too.  The more I think about this the more I like … Continue reading

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[Social Media Daily Reflection] Part 2 of Social Enterprise Top 10: Truths

Be sure to read all of @katlen’s Social Media Daily Reflection posts 1. businesses don’t need enterprise social networking Truth: The pace and scope of modern business requires that we revisit new and improved ways to collaborate and share ideas internally — especially if someone has information that can help you … Continue reading

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[Social Media Daily Reflection] Part 1 of Social Enterprise Top 10: Myths

Be sure to read all of @katlen’s Social Media Daily Reflection posts. 1. businesses don’t need enterprise social networking 2. corporate secrets will be uncovered and tip off competitors and affect stock prices 3. gen Y workers get it but older workers won’t 4. social networks aren’t secure 5. it’s like Facebook … Continue reading

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I Tweet Therefore I Yam

I had the wonderful opportunity to speak on the Social in the Enterprise panel at Social Media 301 #SM301. It was a really good panel (if I do say so myself) and the best part is that I’ve got to speak with @lizasperling (who works at @seesmic), @themaria (who works … Continue reading

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Gaming The Enterprise FTW

Rypple has been getting some good coverage the last few days. At first pass it seems kind of like a Yammer type of service with some people management tools built in and a touch of gaming. But that would be a very limited view of the product and missing the … Continue reading

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Apparently Yammer Thinks I Can’t Manage Yammer Myself

I don’t get this, I really don’t. I just got an email from Yammer telling me I can’t follow everyone at my company (pasted below). Why does Yammer care how many people I follow? According to them it’s because of their experience that creates a bad user experience. Do you … Continue reading

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The military to use wiki’s to fight insurgence

Wiki based battle plans? Or Military 2.0? Counterinsurgencies have been called learning competitions. With COIN, the side that learns faster and adapts more rapidly – the side with the better learning organization – usually wins. A good friend of mine just forward me a Department of Defense request (sorry no … Continue reading

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Business Social Networking

Image via Wikipedia SalesForce.com and Cisco are just the tip of the iceberg.  Social networking is coming to the business world in a big way.  As I said here, traditional marketing is not where the power of new media will be fully realized.  CRM is one obvious application that SalesForce.com … Continue reading

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