The Future of Work in a Social Local Mobile World

The theme of #LeWeb is SoLoMo, a phrase I absolutely hate. It stands for Social, Local, Mobile. But while I hate the phrase, there’s no doubt about the power of the combination of those three things. Yesterday I noticed a trend among several of the speakers and that was about the changing nature of work.

There was also the interview Phil Libin, the CEO of Evernote, who sees Evernote as the new platform for the future types of software tools that help knowledge workers do their work in a social, local, mobile world where the lines between life and work are blurred. You can see the 20+ minute video here.

There right after that there was the interview with Chris Capossela SVP of consumer marketing at Microsoft (client) and he showed a video about how developers were using Kinect to create new applications for the way people work, like in hospitals and in schools. Very cool stuff. (No LeWeb video yet of the interview)

Then there was the speaker from @Interaxon who talked about THOUGHT CONTROLLED COMPUTING!!! Yes and she actually demoed working app games used to train your brain. Seriously, you think and a headband reads your brainwaves and the software Interaxon makes turns that into action. It’s really early on but seriously cool stuff. Seriously. (No LeWeb video yet of the presentation)

These were just a few examples and today I’ll be attending the Social Enterprise track all day so I’m sure I’ll have a lot more on this topic.

For those of you waiting for video interviews from me, I’m going to try it again but I’m having issues with my Flip cam. It may be dying.
Also the picture is of some BMXers on stage and have nothing to do with the topic (or Lego’s) but I thought you’d at least like to see a snapshot of what’s going on.

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  • Eric Herberholz

    That “THOUGHT CONTROLLED COMPUTING!” is totally compelling to me. Would love to hear/read more about that. BTW, have you read Vernor Vinge’s Rainbow’s End? (e.g. JIT - Just In Time training)