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Evolution vs. Revolution: Which is Better for Organizational Change?

It’s time for another 2 minute unedited video. Sorry about the glare in my glasses it’s actually kind of sunny here in Seattle today. Today’s topic is is what’s the best way to drive organizational change: Evolution or Revolution? Evolutionary Change = small, fast, iterative change that’s easier and safer to implement but harder to make stick [...]

Are You Actually Learning Anything Or Just Gathering Information?

I’m very fortunate to have had the opportunity to come to Harvard Business School and doubly fortunate to work for such a great company that sees the value in developing and educating their employees. Most of large, publicly traded,  agencies don’t do this kind of thing for their employees. The cost eats into their short term revenues. [...]

We Need More Leaders

My HBS class had the great pleasure to hear from John Kotter today speak about Leadership and change. John Kotter started teaching at Harvard the year I was born. To say he has more experience with business and leadership than I have with life is not an exaggeration. John is incredibly passionate about his work. So much so [...]

What’s So Hard About Being a Great Leader?

Seriously, what is so hard about being a great leader? I’m not asking what does it take to be a great CEO or what does it take to have the biggest most profitable business in your market. I just want to know what’s so tough about being a leader. During day 2 of HBS leadership [...]

Spending My Spring Break at Harvard Business School

One of the biggest challenges I’ve had over the last two years is the shift from being “the social media guy,” the guy that came up with the ideas and had to implement them to building and leading a team of digital strategist across multiple large client accounts. I’ve spent a lot less time implementing [...]

Creativity, Innovation, Leadership and Market Disruption: Lessons From An Underdog

Please bear with me while I uncharacteristically talk about sports. I promise I won’t do it again for a while. My love of Boise State football is perplexing to most people that know me. Sure on paper it makes sense. I’m from Boise and am a two time BSU alumni, receiving both my BA in Communications and [...]

Are You a Leader or Lunch?

Lisa Barone at Outspoken Media asks: Why are you scared to be outspoken? It’s an honest question I hear a lot from social media practitioners. We see and experience so many great things everyday we feel bad for people that don’t actively participate and frustrated when clients don’t jump in with both feet. But much [...]

The Two Most Important Skills Of The New Leaders.

Silos beget compliance. Silos are getting in our way and so is compliance. Things are changing but it’s changing slower than many of us would like. In the meantime we’re left with porous organizations with the semblance of vertical structures (and the illusion of control). Consciously or subconsciously we do not like to give up power. As the [...]

Be More You

Would your company benefit from you sharing your professional insights? Do you have personal goals that would be easier to achieve if you were more visible in the social media space? Would your professional or personal life benefit from being known by others for what you do? I mostly blog about how businesses can use [...]

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