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3 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Old Blog Posts

I’ve never considered myself a very good writer, at least not well rounded writer. I don’t do well with long form content and I don’t follow rules very well. I was pretty good at writing poetry (or at least my professor told me I was). I think this was because I’m better at short form [...]

How to Kill a Blog

Blogging as a medium has been an interesting thing to watch. I remember when ‘blog’ was first made an official word. During those early years blogging was all the rage. It was the bright shiny object long before Twitter or Facebook were household names. I like starting things, I’m just not very good at finishing [...]

Being a Selfish Blogger.

If you want to have a really popular blog, don’t follow my example.  According to all the blogging “experts”, if you want a famously successful blog make all your posts about your readers and the benefit to them. Write nothing but top 10 lists and 12 steps to better whatever posts. Basically spoon feed all [...]

Challenge: Read Everything You Share. Comment on Half of What You Share.

As was pointed out yesterday, the amount of sharing is increasing at an exponential rate. The fact is that most of it is rubbish (I’m practicing my ‘English’). As is highlighted in recent posts by Ray Augie and Gavin Heaton, “Likes” don’t mean much and if you want real value you need to move beyond surface level [...]

Why the Button War? Because Content is Social Currency [10 Links]

With all the news about buttons I thought it was time to do another 10 Links post. Buttons (as well as stickers and patches) have been a core marketing tool for decades, possibly centuries. Political buttons are one of the most well known early implementation of button marketing. When I owned the skateboard shop in Vegas, buttons [...]

3 Rockstar Blogs To Read [June]

This is the Rockstar Blogs Africa edition. As I was prepping for my trip last month I decided to do a little research on what were the hot tech blogs in the region. Afrigator is Africa’s oldest and I believe largest blog aggregation site. There are many others now but this provided my starting point [...]

3 Rockstar Blogs To Read [May]

This now makes my 3rd Rockstar Blog post. Before I tell you why I picked these 3 blogs and what they have in common I want to first tell you what 3 blogs I picked. The connection will be obvious. apophenia: Bog description: “Making connections where none previously existed.” danah boyd is a researcher at [...]

3 Rockstar Blogs to Read [April]

Last month I started a new series called 3 Rockstar Blogs to read.  This month is the all WE Studio D edition. It’s a little self serving but I get to work with some of the most amazing people in the industry and I wanted to share the wealth with all of you. Unfortunately I [...]

How to respond to critics with a Blog. Good and Bad examples from Malcolm Gladwell.

Image via Wikipedia Blogs are a great way to deal with critics, misquotes and inaccuracies. Probably the single best example of this is the recent TSA blog where a mommy blogger claimed the TSA took her child and the TSA responded in their blog with video tape showing that she basically made the whole thing [...]

Top 10 Posts [July 2009] Analog Trumps Digital

It’s always interesting to note which posts get the most traction each month. My GTD Moleskine hack crushed evey other post by quite a bit. It was linked to by an obviously very passionate GTD/Moleskine community (if you’d like to know which one you can find it in the trackbacks at the end of the [...]

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