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3 Rockstar Blogs To Read [May]

This now makes my 3rd Rockstar Blog post. Before I tell you why I picked these 3 blogs and what they have in common I want to first tell you what 3 blogs I picked. The connection will be obvious.


Bog description: “Making connections where none previously existed.”

danah boyd is a researcher at Microsoft Research New England and a Fellow at the Harvard Berkman Center for Internet and Society. She’s one of the smartest people in this space, I love reading her stuff because it makes me smarter and want to go back to school to get a PhD or something. You can follow danah on Twitter here. Her last 3 posts were:

“Privacy and Publicity in the Context of Big Data”

Big Data presents new opportunities for understanding social practice. Of course the next statement must begin with a “but.” And that “but” is simple: Just because you see traces of data doesn’t mean you always know the intention or cultural logic behind them.

Harassment by Q&A: Initial Thoughts on Formspring.me

Questions-and-answers have played a central role in digital bonding since the early days of Usenet. Teenagers have consistently co-opted quizzes and surveys and personality tests to talk about themselves with those around them.

Big Data: Opportunities for Computational and Social Sciences

I gave today’s opening keynote at the WWW Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina. My talk was about methodological and ethical issues involved in the study of Big Data, focusing heavily on privacy issues in light of public data.

Marty Collins — Marketing today

Blog description: “Join the conversation your customers are having without you.”

Marty Collins is Director of Emerging Media for Microsoft. She was previously running the Windows social media team. I’ve worked with Marty recently on an Internal Microsoft team and she’s very smart and grounded about this space. You’ll find some great real life case studies from the work she’s doing on her blog. You can follow Marty on Twitter here. Her last 3 posts:

Chat with Twitter COO Dick Costolo

Yesterday I got the opportunity to sit with Dick Costolo, COO of Twitter, and hear first hand Twitter’s positioning of their Sponsored Tweets program and what they are focusing on next.

Facebook announces Open Graph

Today at F8 Facebook announced radical changes to their API offerings. They introduced a concept they call Open Graph.

140 Proof – Monetize Twitter

In my role I have the opportunity to meet and learn about lots of new media companies, social networks, monitoring tools, etc. I hope to bring some of what I see to this blog for others get a line of sight to as well. The first media company I’m going to review is 140 Proof.

Glass House

Blog description: “The blog of Frank X Shaw”

Frank is a corporate vice president at Microsoft on the corporate communications team. He previously worked at Waggener Edstrom as the President of our Microsoft business. Frank used to blog on a previous iteration of Glass House that lived on WaggenerEdstrom.com for years but this is his newest version of that blog. You’ll find a mix of everything but Frank is a great writer and a sharp guy. You can follow Frank on Twitter here. His last 3 posts were:

Comms Challenge – Goldman Sachs & The Pope « Glass House

In a tweet earlier today, I wondered who had the bigger comms challenge – Goldman Sachs or the Vatican? This was spurred by this Memo From Vatican City in the NYT today, plus other coverage looking at criminal and civil charges for Goldman.

Bloomberg & Gizmodo –See Any Difference? « Glass House

Courtesy of the NYT, a great (inadvertent) comparison between the way Gawker Media operates and the new Bloomberg BusinessWeek operates.

Thinking About Risk « Glass House

it’s a common term these days – Risk. When is it good, when is it bad, when should it be regulated, when should it be rewarded. Mostly this is in context of what happened on Wall Street in the last few years and through the lens of business risk.

Last month I posted 3 blogs of people I work with, today I decided to extend that to three blogs from employees of Microsoft. These are all there personal blogs. I didn’t pick these blogs because they’re clients, I love smart employee blogs of big brands. They have a day to day insight most people don’t get and I think its incredibly valuable that they share their learnings with everyone else. It makes great brand ambassadors.

Check out their blogs and let me know what you think.

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