Social Media Trifecta the Wiki-Blog

For 2 years now I’ve had this working idea for a book I’ve called The Social Media Trifecta.

What’s a wiki-blog and why are you using one?

[Update: This blog has been taken down]
[Warning: This blog got hacked, partially because of this plugin and partially because I wasn't managing it well]

What: If you take WordPress and install the WP-Wiki plugin you get some wiki functionality built into your blog. I’ve been wanting something like this years. So far I love it.

Why: The main reason I wanted a wiki blog is that I think it would be an ideal format for writing a book. You get the benefits of a blog like CMS and the syntax and collaboration of a wiki.Being this is a book about social media and it’s benefits I thought I would eat my own dog food here.

For a great demonstration on what a wiki page looks like see the How-To page. For more about the site you can see the About page or the first post.

In the true wiki spirit the site will be constantly evolving as I move over the content I’ve already created here, add to it and edit it. As always I’m not totally sure what I’ll do with the book; self publish, seek a publisher, just leave it as a wiki-blog or if I’ll actually ever finish it. Who knows.

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  • beatpanda

    Ouch, sorry about the hack… I’m the maintainer of the plugin, and I’ve just patched up that particular security hole. You can now disable anonymous edits.

    Although the rest of your site should not have been hacked.

    Let me know if you need support of any kind, you can reach me at