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Things got a little noise around here this last month. The noise to signal ratio was definitely a little out of whack and for that I apologise.

I don’t make money on this blog. With the exception of the occasional Amazon affiliate link that Zemanta adds in automatically for me I run no ads and never have. But I definitely make money off this blog. A lot of money actually.

This blog is my testing ground. This blog is my sandbox. This is where I share my half baked ideas about things I find interesting. What I learn here I take and help my clients succeed in their businesses.

Posterous has turned out to be an unexpected pleasant surprise. I think it’s a powerful service that has larger  implications for the direction the Web is moving. I’ve had a Posterous account for the last 6 months and I never did much with it. But when they turned it into a Web CMS tool I, and many others took notice.

I have finally legitimized my account and given it a URL www.tacanderson.com and I have evolved the site from a toy to my life stream.

This blog will not go away. Far from it. I hope that my life stream becomes a breading ground for ideas that fuel this blog. I promise to bring the signal to noise ratio back in line. I also plan on using Posterous as one of the many tools I use to get content to this blog.

So if you’re still here, thanks. If you have feedback, please share it. And if you haven’t yet, go check out Posterous.

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