Your Weaknesses are your Greatest Weapons

Image by Don Solo via Flickr

I love proving people wrong.

When I was in junior high my guidance councilor told me I’d never graduate High School. I went on to graduate from college and get my Masters.

A little over five years ago people told me blogs and new media were a fad. I was an idiot to believe they’d revolutionize the marketing, media and communications world.

I’ve even had former colleagues tell me that I would never cut it in this space. I didn’t have what it took.

All my life people have told me I’m wrong. I want to thank every single one of them. They have provided my the motivation to continue on.

Sometimes spite can be a great motivator.

But more than that, I learned something from my naysayers. They all had reasons to believe I couldn’t do what ever it was. You need to be able to address those concerns. Sometimes you have to compensate. By doing this I’ve usually been able to turn weaknesses into strengths.

If you can turn a weekness into a strength, you’ve just developed the perfect weapon to beat your competition with.

Here’s my recipe for success:

Turn your weaknesses into strength, prove people wrong and then beat them over the head with it.

BTW this is also one my of recipes for happiness :)

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