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My Next Step Towards World Domination: Social Media in Europe, The Middle East and Africa

I have been writing here on this site for 4 years and 4 months. If you’ve been reading along for that long (thank you) you will have seen a significant amount of change in my life over those 52 months. For those of you who may be newer to the site and to my life [...]

What I’ve Learned After One Year Back At Agency Life

Yesterday marked my one year anniversary as part of Waggener Edstrom’s Studio D group. So much has happened and yet it’s hard to believe that its already been one year. Jen Houston jokingly tells me I’ve been here in dog years. There’s so much that’s happened I don’t know where to start. There’s also so [...]

3 Rockstar Blogs to Read [April]

Last month I started a new series called 3 Rockstar Blogs to read.  This month is the all WE Studio D edition. It’s a little self serving but I get to work with some of the most amazing people in the industry and I wanted to share the wealth with all of you. Unfortunately I [...]

The Zombie Social Media Trilogy

On the WE Studio D, Thinkers & Doers blog this last week we posted the three part Zombie Media Trilogy. When we talk to companies we see a much bigger problem with social media adoption than just how do we get a blog, Facebook page or Twitter account started. The bigger problem is that no [...]

Twitter Doesn’t Create Influence, it Reveals it

You can’t read more than a handful of tweets before someone mentions influence. You also won’t find a Twitter measurement tool out there that doesn’t mention influence. Some may ask how Twitter made so many people influential. It didn’t. I’d agree that it has made some people *more* influential if only because it gave people [...]

Why I took the job instead of doing a startup

This was a guest post on the Highway 12 Ventures blog I have a pretty good track record for predicting what trends will take off. I also have a pretty good record for predicting which cool new digital technologies will do well on the Web. I am horrible at predicting my own future. A year [...]

How a DM via Twitter to a Blog with a Link to Facebook Got Me My Job

I’ve told a few people how I got my position here at Waggener Edstrom but I haven’t *blogged* it yet. But it’s a highly relevant story and fits into the broader themes I cover here of how social media is changing the way we work. Amybeth Hale (@researchgoddess) is a recruiter who uses social media [...]

Taking a Spin on a Tricycle

My good friends and former business partners in Boise, Justin Foster and John Hardesty of Tricycle Brand Development interviewed me on their podcast, The Trike Show. We talk about my new job at Waggener Edstrom and Seattle vs Boise. We spend a lot of time talking about social media trends, social media tools, mostly Posterous [...]

Life on the Dark Side. Agency Update: They Have Cookies

It’s been something like 23 days (or there about) since I started my new gig as Digital Consulting Director at WE Studio D and I thought I would give you a quick update.For those that may not know Studio D is the independent, content, digital, consulting group within Waggener Edstrom, the 2nd largest independent PR [...]

Leaving HP. Back to Agency Life.

I have been truly lucky to have had the opportunity to work for such an amazing company at such an amazing time. If you would have told me 5 years ago when I started doing social media that I’d be working at HP, I would have said you were crazy. A) Me at a large [...]

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