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Think Before You Tweet: The Do Not Tweet List

Be sure to join the New Comm Biz Facebook Page or follow the Twitter account. The Do Not Tweet List Don’t complain about your customers on Twitter. They are listening. DM is not IM. It’s not a secure communication channel. Disclose conflicts of interest: Clients, Competitors, Partners. Don’t get defensive about negative criticism of your company [...]

How will the Future of Marketing be Organized?

So I’ve made the prediction that Marketing and PR (and potentially all comms) will be rolled up into one group. Making the prediction was easy. There are way to many inefficiencies in the way companies communicate. Now I ask myself the “put your money where your mouth is” question: What will this new org look [...]

What Does the Future of Marketing Organizations Look Like?

Here’s some images I pulled from a rough draft proposal I’ve been working on. I’ve really been taking a look at how should communications organizations be structured moving forward and what are the processes that need to be developed? I’d love your thoughts. Communication used to be one way and companies relied on the media [...]

What’s in a name? New Communications Business

So I thought I’d explain the title of my blog: NewCommBiz I like things that are new. It doesn’t even really matter what it is, just new stuff in general really interests me. How/why is this new? Where did the idea come from? Who thought of the idea? Is this going to be a success? [...]

Capital City Commuicators Go Up In Flames

Greg Stielstra and his book, PyroMarketing were an early influence on me in my new media development. The book is amazing and if there is ever a guy who GETS the philosophy of web2.0 it is Greg, you can actually download the audio of his book for free. Tonight the IBR will be hosting a [...]

On Phenomenology and Web 2.0

What is the big deal about New Media?  Why do people think that anyone cares enough about what they have to say that they start blogging?  If you don’t know, you are obviously not blogging. On my new business cards (when they get done) my title will say Phenomenologist (it was that or Prototypical Nonconformist).  [...]

Communication Convergence

Image via Wikipedia Mike Manuel is one of my favorite bloggers and has been for quite a while.  His posts are always thought provoking.  This one especially struck a nerve with me.  He points out the amount of overlap in companies and agencies right now surrounding new media. Media Guerrilla: New Media Twister, Everybody’s Playing… [...]


Common Commonwealth Commute Command Commerce Commission Commodity Commercial Commit Committee Committed Commune Community Communication Comment?

From Spam to SEO

Image via Wikipedia I’d like to thank all of those that came out to the Boise Chamber today for the lunch-n-learn.  We had a great conversation about the shifts in trust that are leading to the change in communication and society and what companies can do to adjust and stay relevant. The next opportunity that [...]

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