On Phenomenology and Web 2.0

What is the big deal about New Media?  Why do people think that anyone cares enough about what they have to say that they start blogging?  If you don’t know, you are obviously not blogging.

On my new business cards (when they get done) my title will say Phenomenologist (it was that or Prototypical Nonconformist).  Phenomenology is a type of research that requires the researcher to experience that which they are studying as a complete participant, not as an outside observer.

If you really want to understand what all the hype is, get involved.  At least try it out.  Start reading blogs, listen to podcasts (you won’t ever miss the radio).  Start your own blog, you can even start it privately.

There is a whole new level of collaboration and innovation that is happening on the web and if you’re not involved you are missing it.  Even if you’re reading blogs and watching what’s happening, you won’t be getting the full advantage the the social web has to offer.

Yes, New Media/Web 2.0 is overhyped.  No MySpace/Face Book is not all it’s cracked up to be.  Twitter is cool, but not THAT cool (ok, maybe it is).  But collectively the power of all of these mediums combined is revolutionizing the way that people communicate and collaborate.

The businesses that “Get It” will have a significant advantage.  This is definitely a case of first mover advantage, if you play the “wait and see” game too long, it will be too late.

How can you figure out if this is the right thing for you and your company or what is the best way to implement it?  Become a Phenomenologist.

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