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Get Better Ideas By Getting Out and Connecting

I’ve recently posted about the value of getting out and networking but I just had another great experience that may not seem so obvious at first. I’ve been in Boise saying my goodbye’s to family and friends and in general enjoying the wonderful Boise weather.

My favorite thing about Boise, besides the people is the downtown area. It’s vibrant alive and full of awesome people and businesses. There’s a coffee shop on almost every corner with free wifi at everyone and not a one of them are a Starbucks. In fact the only Starbucks was recently closed down.

I always enjoyed working downtown because I would have 4 or 5 different meetings and most of them would be at different coffee shops.This forced me to walk around between meetings. The diversity of scenery and people is very inspirational.

I’ve had a particularly eventful week of meeting with @mark_solon, @JessFlynn, @ThinkJeffThink, @WyattWerner, @pcarew, @ladufurrena, @rochelledelong, @Schlanghole, @RyanWoodings, @GeorgeSeybold, @FosterThinking (who just came out with a new book Oatmeal v Bacon: How to Differentiate in a Generic World) and many others at the @Wirestone event & the @RedSkyPR office, where I’m borrowing some wifi.

After catching up with the wonderfully diverse set of people in a variety settings, I finally cracked two Gordian Knott type problems I’ve been working on for a while that have haunted my GTD Moleskine system for months.

The funny thing is that I never talked to any of these wonderfully smart people about these mental problems I’ve been working through. We talked mostly about the last 2 years (that’s how long I’ve been away from Boise) and the next 2 years (how long I’ll be in the UK). A couple of times we talked about some trends I’m watching that are related to the problems I’ve been working on but never the problems themselves. In fact they weren’t even on my mind at the time.

The first breakthrough came from an off-handed comment that @mark_solon made. The second came on my long drive home after a fun little @wirestone event @Schlanghole hosted. As my mind was unwinding from the day and thinking about nothing in particular the epiphany hit. Almost 24 hours later and I’m still totally in love with the idea. We’ll see if my infatuation holds out even longer. No, I can’t tell you about the ideas yet but I will eventually, I promise.

The weather is great. Get out and meet people. Come up with great ideas. Solve some big problems.

Came up with the best idea today! I am totally in love with it! The test is if I'm still in love with it in a month or two :-)
Tac Anderson

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  • http://jeffhora.wordpress.com Jeff Hora

    Thanks for the reminder that Socail means People.  Offline relationships, while augmented by online, are made richer by investment, and well worth the effort.

  • http://www.newcommbiz.com tacanderson

    Online + Offline > Online OR Offline :-)  

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