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Go Through the Door

We’ve all got doors in front of us. Sometimes just one, but usually many. Go through the door.

You are weighing your options right now. We always do. You may have even created a pros and cons list, good for you. Now go through the door.

Opening doors can be scary. Sometimes they can even be heavy. But opportunity is a wonderful thing.

Doors are everywhere and we often fail to see them. We often associate opening doors with major life changing events like changing jobs but this is not always the case. Doors come in many shapes and sizes.

I’ve gotten where I am today (which happens to be on my way to London) by boldly taking opportunities. Flinging open doors and charging in while other wonder if it’s okay to open the door.

Doors were made to be opened. Go through the door.

What’s your door? What’s stopping you from going through it?

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