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What Is Really Motivating You?

I know I’ve already mentioned our first ever book giveaway contest. Drive is really an amazing book and I feel lucky to be giving it away.

Hugh Lee was the first winner of an autographed copy of Dan Pink’s, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. We are entering the final days until the second book giveaway. Monday I’ll announce the final winner.

It’s really easy to win, just join the New Comm Biz Facebook page and then answer one of these discussion questions over on Facebook. You can answer more if you want but you only have to answer one to be eligible.

[Question 1] In the Book Drive, by Daniel Pink he asks: Is there anything you’ve ever wanted to master that you’ve avoided for reasons like “I’m too old” or “I’ll never be good at that” or “It would be a waste of time?” What are the barriers to giving it a try? How can you remove those barriers?

[Question 2] Drive talks a lot about purpose - both for organizations and individuals. Does your organization have a purpose? What is it?

[Question 3] How well is your current job meeting your need for “baseline rewards” - salary, benefits, a few perks? If it’s falling short, what changes can you or your organization make?

[Question 4] Describe a time recently when you’ve experienced “flow” (an ideal work state where time slips away). What were you doing? Where were you? How might you tweak your current role to bring on more of these optimal experiences?

[Question 5] Are you - in your paid work, family life, or volunteering - on a path towards purpose? What is that purpose?

[Question 6] How would you redesign your classroom or your home - the physical environment, the process, the rules - to promote greater engagement and mastery by everyone?

[Final Question] What are the things that truly motivate you? Now think about the last week. How many of those 168 hours were devoted to these things? Can you do better?

And as a final note, I announced that I am starting the New Comm Biz Social Newsletter. It is literally an interactive newsletter that I will physically mail to you. How will I pull this off? You’ll have to wait and see.

Send me an email [email protected] with your mailing address and “New Comm Biz Newsletter” in the title then get ready for the most social newsletter you’ve ever seen.

Join us on the New Comm Biz Facebook Page or follow along on Twitter.

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