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Brizzly Stays Busy: Adds Twitter Lists and Facebook

I’ve been playing around with Brizzly for about a month now. I like it - a lot. I’m not ready to ditch TweetDeck as my main app yet but Brizzly is perfect for my netbook. If you’re not into using massive AIR apps like TweetDeck for whatever reason Brizzly might also be for you.

There’s a lot of little things about Brizzly that make it fun and with the addition of Lists and Facebook it just went from fun to functional.

Brizzly ads Facebook

Brizzly has most of the functionality a full client like TweetDeck has, it just does things differently. The biggest difference about Brizzly is that it always relies on a single column view. So going to Facebook or one of your lists or DM’s or mentions takes you to a different column view each time. If you’re jumping around between columns, lists and replies a lot this could be a problem as your browser has to reload every time. This is why I stick with TweetDeck at work.

If it weren’t for browser latency I could easily see myself switching to Brizzly full time.

Facebook in Brizzly

The first thing I did was hook up Facebook. Like every other Twitter client that integrates Facebook, there’s not much you can do other than leave comments in your stream or comment on or like others Facebook posts. The one disadvantage compared to TweetDeck is that you can’t comment simultaneously to both Twitter and Facebook. I don’t use that feature much, in fact I don’t have Facebook hooked up to TweetDeck at all. But I like how in Brizzly it’s hidden unless I want to go to it.

Brizzly Lists

Twitter Lists is the main reason I could see myself moving away from TweetDeck. I spend all day in columns I’ve created for various reasons/ If I made lists for all of them then checking them in Brizzly becomes easy. Once every client implements lists it also makes it super easy to move around between clients.

My next step is to add multiple Twitter accounts and once I turn my TweetDeck columns into lists I may actually try and use Brizzly exclusively for a week. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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