If Chris Anderson Can’t Reinvent the Publishing World, Who Can?

Wired cover July 2001
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If Chris Anderson Can’t Reinvent the Publishing World, Who Can?

This post originally ran on the Studio D blog last week.

Wired Struggles to Find Niche in Magazine World - NYTimes.com

Even as Chris Anderson makes a boatload of money of his ideas, subsequent books and high dollar speaking engagement, Wired (his editorial charge), is one of the biggest losers in the ad game.

I think Chris’s ideas are spot on. He’s a brilliant guy with some serious thought leadership. Wired is a great publication, both the Online and the print versions but can he translate great content and thought leadership into a real business for Wired? If Chris can’t then who can?

This really only leads me to two rationale explanations:

  1. Chris is to caught up in his own celebrity.
  2. Chris is hamstrung by parent company Conde Nast to implement any of that great thinking.

The third possibility is that we have yet to see Chris’ master plan in action. I’m hoping for number three. Wired and the whole publishing world (Online and print) need some innovation.

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