How to Win the Real-Time Web Publishing Battle
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As the Web moves into hyper-drive the ability for organizations to turn out high quality content has never been more important. From my own experience as well as what I’ve seen others publish the life span of link shared on Twitter is 5 minutes. After that it’s old news waiting to be discovered by search engines.

While Twitter is not your only distribution vehicle this example is indicative of all Web streams (which, eventually, the Web will simply be a network of streams).

The notable exception to this rule is the RT. Links that get re-tweeted have another 5 minutes of life. The more RT’s the more 5 minute life spans. This is also true of other LifeStreams like FriendFeed and Facebook, except instead of a RT you’re hoping for a like or a comment. This resurfaces the content and shares it out that persons network.

This does not mean that companies and other content producers need to turn on the firehose. (I know this is a futile plea but I’ll make it anyway) Please do not focus on quantity. Focus on quality.

The number one way; the best, most cost/time efficient way to win the real-time publishing battle is to create high quality highly shareable content. Create compelling content and then make it easy for others to repurpose it. You can attempt to higher an army of content producers or you can enable the existing army* or content producers out there to re-create your content.

*Your existing army is much larger than you are thinking about right now. Most companies think about their customers advocates and their employees but the must underutilized node in every companies social media strategy is the partner node. More on that later.

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