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The Flaw In My Digital Book Plan

We’re out and about in London today. The girls (@jenxmusic & @Emma_Lorene) are out shopping in Coventry Garden for Emma’s birthday. The first stop we made this morning was Waterstone’s bookstore. It’s a great place in a cool building and we picked up about 5 books. The we went to lunch. Emma wanted burgers for [...]

Mobile Monday: Consumer Impact, Android Trouble, Tablet Trends and Gaming [10 Links]

I know I just did a 10 Links post last Monday but I couldn’t help myself. And if there’s one category that’s dominated my 10 Links posts, it’s Mobile. Admittedly, I love mobile. I love the phones (all of them). I love the apps (not all of them). But what I love the most is [...]

Challenge: Read Everything You Share. Comment on Half of What You Share.

As was pointed out yesterday, the amount of sharing is increasing at an exponential rate. The fact is that most of it is rubbish (I’m practicing my ‘English’). As is highlighted in recent posts by Ray Augie and Gavin Heaton, “Likes” don’t mean much and if you want real value you need to move beyond surface level [...]

Social Networking is at an Inflection Point with Exponential Growth in Sharing.

My quick take on the Skype/Facebook partnership is that it doesn’t sound like much, but this will be huge, especially for families. I can guarantee this will push @jenxmusic’s parents over the edge to finally join Facebook so they can talk to their grand kids. (Disclosure Microsoft is a client, we’ve done work with Skype on the [...]

Google+ Will Succeed Where FriendFeed, Buzz and Wave Failed. But Will It Go Mainstream? [10+ Links]

You can find the Google+ thread I found this image of Tyler Durden on here. My 10 Links posts are in a way a homage to the original Google search results, which were always 10 links. That isn’t really the case anymore but the remnants are still there. With all the *Buzz* about Google+ it seemed like [...]

How and Why I’m Using Tumblr: As Status Management Not Blog Replacement.

After this weeks incident with Twitter “disappearing” me for a day I decided I needed to rethink how I was using Twitter and all of the other social networking and publishing tools I was using. Up until not Twitter has been the central hub for all of my social networking. I’ve been on the service [...]

The Twitter Bug That Will Disappear Your Account

Yesterday, I disappeared. It was the strangest feeling. Slowly, little by little my friends couldn’t see me. If they didn’t look directly at me they could still kind of see me but eventually I faded out until they just couldn’t see me anymore. I was gone, just like that. It was a very helpless feeling. [...]

I Have Upset the Twitter Gods and Am In Limbo. Rethinking Twitter Alternatives.

Twitter has always acted buggy for me. I don’t always see all my replies. I sometimes don’t even see all of my own tweets. I’ve only recently been able to access and manage my Twitter lists. Twitter even sometimes unfollows me from people. I know Twitter is doing a lot of updates and adjustments behind the [...]

The Cloud and the Age of Scalable Minimalism

For the last ~50 years America (with the rest of the World eagerly following along) has been on a consumption binge that is self destructive on a global scale. While everyone has known that this trend needs to end, no one has volunteered to be the one to fix it. Sure there are token efforts [...]

Why I’m Betting on Pandora Even if They’re Not Profitable (yet): Persistence, Perseverance, Pivot, Personalization [10 Links]

I love Pandora (@Pandora_Radio). I’m a proud premium member and use the service on just about every device I own. I’ve been a fan of the service since I first learned about it 6 years ago. Their ability to customize and recommend music boarders on magical. I’ve discovered more great new music from Pandora in [...]

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