Making a Living in the Crowd: Disrupting the Agency Model

Lego In Crowd

There are so many crowdsourced companies today it’s amazing. And it’s only going to grow. Some people fear the growing trend but I’m very optimistic about crowdsourcing. Not that long ago TechCrunch had a story about Trada and their community of crowdsourced search engine advertising professionals.  Trada crowdsources the planning side … Continue reading

When Is TV Not TV And Is It Still Considered Watching, If We’re Not Really Watching?

lego youtube mobile

An interesting report came out recently from Neilsen about consumers “online vs. off-line” viewing behavior. That’s such a ridiculous, false dichotomy these days. Chances are, either way, you’re watching that video via a cable provider. As you know, I am an unapologetic cord cutter. All of my video viewing is either … Continue reading

The Cost of Not Using Social Media

Today’s post provided by regular contributor and commentor @timbursch, you can read more thoughts from Tim on hos own blog Everyone’s using social media to reach more customers, right? Most major brands have at least established a presence. But what if you’re not convinced? What if the initial investment is … Continue reading