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China and Weibo vs USA and Twitter

China and the US are in a relationship and let’s just say, it’s complicated. I’m not an economist by any stretch of the imagination but I know a thing or two about changes in technology and human behavior and what that means to business models. It’s kind of what I do. Six months ago, to [...]

The Relationship Between Social, Human and Financial Capital

Maybe I’ve been reading too much Physics and their quest for the Grand Unifying Theory or maybe I’m suffering from a little bit of delusion and grandeur but I’m calling this the Grand Unifying Theory of Economics (cue Econ PhD’s the World over to rip it apart). The Grand Unifying Theory of Economics By looking at [...]

Is Capitalism Failing Us? Or Are We Failing Capitalism? Capitalism Needs to Get Social.

I am a true believer in Capitalism. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. I do think that we have failed to evolve our own thinking about Capitalism and Capital and how we apply the two.  One of Capitalism’s flaws or features, depending on your particular flavor of Capitalism (yes, there are many [...]

Time and Social Capital: The Ultimate Constraint

What started off as a metaphor for a book I’m working on has turned into a theory and I’m now wondering if it in turn needs it’s own book. It’s the concept of applying the principles of capitalism to a broader definition of capital. Thinks like knowledge and trust, things being described in theories around Social Capital [...]

Social Media, Social Capital and the Future of Capitalism

In my last post I explored the idea of rethinking what is capital. Jill, Jason and I had quite the discussion in the comments that raised more questions than answers.  So I did what I always did; spent many nights when I should be sleeping and many hours on the plane in my recent travels [...]

An Inquiry into the Nature of Social Media and the Capital of Companies

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know I’ve been trying to write a book. More for the satisfaction of actually having written a complete thought longer than a blog post. The major premise of the book for the last 3 years (yes it’s taken me that long) has been reapplying the [...]

The Reality of the Corporation

Contrasting yesterday’s post, I would like to discuss the realities of the corporation as I see them. I would first like to preface this that I am not an economist. I’m merely a slightly jaded Gen X (aka Slacker) with an MBA. I’ve owned my own businesses and have been, and currently am, an “employee”  [...]

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