Sponsored Posts: Advertorial 2.0

There are a lot of debates happening around sponsored posts and what’s acceptable.  I’ve posted before on my take. I think that the method is neutral, it has the potential to be equally used for good or ill.

Chris Brogan has a post about his support and use of sponsored posts. ReadWriteWeb takes a more traditional advertorial approach.

Information, not ads, important to consumers – Blogs & Content – BizReport

…consumers are finding advertorial type content, articles/reviews and other forms of custom media more appealing that traditional advertisement. Nearly 75% of consumers noted in the report that compiling product information from a variety of sources rather than a simple advertisement is more appealing to them.

The bottom line is that if users get value, publishers get revenue and companies receive an appropriate return then this will model will continue.

I think that why people like Andy Sernovitz are concerned is because of the potential for abuse. But honestly anytime money is involved then there is the potential to abuse.

While I remain somewhat neutral (I think it’s in the implementation) on the topic I should note that right now, I would not recommend my current employer or future clients use this method. It’s too big of a hot button and I think there are better ways to achieve the goals a company would have in pursuing these tactics.

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