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Newcommbiz is a social media marketing online resource for marketing professionals all over the world. This is a kind of an informal hub. We don’t have any grand ambitions for this website becoming the “Mecca” of anything and everything related to social media marketing. We’re not that full of ourselves. Still, we’re no slouches either. We have been around the block when it comes to this type of online marketing. We’ve had our fair share of failures and false starts. We can definitely relate to people who have crashed and burned. But with that said, we also have more that our fair share of successes. In fact, we have taken concepts from basic ideas and hunches all the way to profit. Let me tell you, a very few social media marketing companies and expert consultants can say that. If you are reading this blog, you’ve definitely come to the right place if you want to truly know how to figure out social media marketing. As you probably and already know, it’s very easy to lose money with this type of online marketing. A lot of people are afraid to admit this and scared of this reality, but this is the absolute truth.

Social media marketing can get quite expensive very quickly.

This is why we have compiled a wide range of articles as well as idea sheets to enable people to get out from under whatever challenges they are facing with their social media platforms. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or any other specific type of social media platform. The information that you find here is scalable enough for you to fine-tune, customize and turbo-charge their results regardless of the platform. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re talking theories all the time. We don’t like theories and think that they are a waste of time. Last time I checked, this type of information doesn’t really buy much of anything nor does it pay the rent. It definitely doesn’t put food on the table. Instead, we focus on practical information you can take and tweak based on your particular set of circumstances and specific agenda to produce certain outcomes. We’re all about results here.
We understand that people talk a good game.
If you come across the typical social media content or marketing consultant, it’s as if they are talking a foreign language. They keep throwing out all these marketing jargon. What they’re really trying to do is to baffle you with seemingly important words to fool you into thinking that they actually know something you don’t. Here’s some good news. They’re clueless. People who have to resort to fifteen dollar words when ten cent word can do are usually insecure or completely clueless.
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