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Why Most Strategies Fail.

Someone flinches or falls asleep. Not long ago most strategists would tell you that your strategy was wrong because it was outdated. You’d held onto it for too long. This is kind of the classic innovators dilemma. Those that succeeded, did so on a strategy that doesn’t work anymore. But the point often overlooked is that [...]

A Blogging Blast From The Past

I recently discovered that Vince Ferraro had a blog. I know you’re thinking, “Big deal. Who’s Vince Ferraro?” When I first started at HP (almost 3 years ago), one of my very first projects was to manage the LaserJet Printing Blog. I know you’re super jealous, who wouldn’t want to manage a blog about LaserJet [...]

This is Why Google Scares the Sh*t Out of Companies

Wow. I mean really, WOW! One announcement of a Web based product that is currently inferior to your product that only runs on a very limited number of devices and your company looses Billions of dollars. Wow. This is what happened to TomTom and Garmin stock prices when Google announced Maps Navigation. I suspect their [...]

Google Falls For The Hype Cycle with Wave

Image via Wikipedia One of the more interesting things about being a parent is watching your children grow up. Especially as they begin to make more independent decisions, you start to get an idea of what kind of adult they’ll be. As a business junkie the same is true as I watch companies “grow up” [...]

A Closer Look at HP’s Community Core Team

Now that I’m leaving HP, they are going to delete my neglected HP blog (unless I find someone at HP who wants to take it over). So there are a couple of posts I wanted to rescue from there and bring over here. Originally Published 8/5/08 A Closer Look at HP’s Community Core Team Many [...]

Social Media Is Not A Back Channel

Peter Shankman has a great story about an agency guy that tweets about his distaste for Memphis while visiting FedEx to do some social media training. Oops. He got busted big time. People have a tendency to get comfortable social media. Too comfortable. There’s no shortage of examples where people post incriminating photo’s on their [...]

Continuing the conversation over at HP

[UPDATE] Since leaving HP, they have (sadly) deleted the Marketing Impressions blog. In my last post I mentioned that there were several reasons I was going to be posting to this blog a little less. Here’s one big reason: Back in February I launched the Marketing Impressions blog at HP. The blog started off being [...]

I’m in the book, Groundswell (sort of)

I just got an email from the VP of Marketing for LaserJet, Vince Ferraro: Our blog is quoted as part of the book Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies The funny thing is that I had just bought the book last week and I wasn’t even aware that Vince’s blog was featured [...]

Web 2.0 Summit: Day 1 Highlights

I’ll blog more in detail on some expanded thoughts but I thought I would give some quick highlights from the first day: Tabblo: I haven’t heard Antonio Rodriguez, the founder of Tabblo speak before (Tabblo was acquired by HP six months ago). I was much more impressed with his product after seeing him talk about [...]

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