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Continuing the conversation over at HP

[UPDATE] Since leaving HP, they have (sadly) deleted the Marketing Impressions blog.

In my last post I mentioned that there were several reasons I was going to be posting to this blog a little less. Here’s one big reason:

Back in February I launched the Marketing Impressions blog at HP. The blog started off being focused on tips and tricks to help the average Small and Medium Business (SMB) market themselves. The blog was off to a decent start and then a series of events have left the blog dormant.

First we migrated to a new platform, which halted any posting during the down time. The migration was much needed though. We were using a 3 year old, unsupported .NET platform. The new Community Server platform is much more friendly for the bloggers and the readers.

Then there were some re-orgs at work that ended with me moving from LaserJet, where I was largely focused on our SMB initiatives, to our Global Enterprise Business, now called Worldwide Sales & Services (WWSS), where we are focused on enterprise accounts.

So after approx two months of silence I have relaunched the Marketing Impressions blog with a focus on covering various marketing and social media activities going on at HP. This was a topic I covered to some extent here but for some reason it never felt natural to devote too much time to that here. I summed up my thoughts this way:

This isn’t something I’m doing as part of my roles at HP, it’s something that I feel passionate about. It’s something people have asked me to do on my personal blog but I didn’t always feel comfortable doing. Not because of anything I might say but because I kind of felt I was robbing HP of an opportunity to engage with their customers about their brand on their home turf. That may sound weird but it’s the best way I could articulate it.

So, while I may be posting less here, I won’t really be posting less. I hope you’ll grab the RSS feed and not be shy about commenting over there as well.

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