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We still need definitions before metrics.

This is an absolutely amazing post By Ross. I’d pull quote the whole article but here’s a start. Do yourself a favor and go read the whole thing and then send it to everyone in your marketing group and then every marketing manager in your company.

Ross Mayfield’s Weblog: Why The Marketing World Can’t Turn

…when it comes time for a Director of Product Marketing to pitch for budget on a Social Media, things may grind to a halt.

The reason is we are still developing the language, let alone the numbers, around Social Media as a marketing investment.

The hardest part of adapting your marketing thinking is that the predominant pattern in Web 2.0 is sharing control to create value. You see it in communities like Wikipedia or YouTube. You see it in business models like Open Source. You see it when the conversations around your brand happen without you. But there is no buy vs. build equation for deciding to share control. The decision to put intellectual property into the commons does not yet have tools to forecast return.


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