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A Little Social Media Education Goes A Long Way

Jeremiah Owyang has another research report out about the readiness and abilities of companies to deal with social media crisis. The full report and slides are embedded below. I won’t go through an extensive review of the report because you will find a lot of commentary on the report at all the usual places but [...]

Weekend Ethnographic Research: Handheld Devices and Augmented Reality #WERPI

I probably drive my family crazy because every outing turns into field research. This last weekend I tried a little experiment. Knowing I was going out with my family to the Pacific Science Center to see the amazing Star Wars exhibit they have, I knew I would be doing a little research while I was [...]

Crowdsourced Weekend Ethnographic Research Project For Innovators #WERPI

If you read almost any great story of a new or disruptive innovation there’s usually some variation of the story that the innovator (or group of innovators) observed some sort of behavior that sparked an idea. It could have been an opportunity to apply an existing technology towards a different problem or a problem that [...]

The Rise of the Masspersonal Intermediaries - The New Influencers

Like many of my colleagues at Waggener Edstrom my undergraduate degree was in Communications. But I didn’t take the route or Journalism or PR, I studied communication theory. My senior thesis was an analysis of Internet chat rooms (this was the late 90’s) to study the effects of computer mediated communication on interpersonal communication. Recently Yahoo and Cornell released [...]

The larger the group of friends, the fewer pictures they take

I’m at the Say Hi concert with @jenxmusic and I couldn’t help but notice something I found fascinating. As you know from my last post I love people watching and at concerts I’m very fascinated with what social technologies people use. in this case their mobile phones. at a concert it’s no surprise that the [...]

Using Ethnographic Research To Get From Digital Trends To Consumer Behavior

I have this uncontrollable habit of people watching, especially when it comes to how they use technology. Some call it an occupational hazard, I call it ethnographic research. Ethnographic research is a research methodology used by anthropology and other social sciences that’s more qualitative than quantitative. I observe, I take photo’s when I can and [...]

Social Media Measurement Tools Still Lack Illumination

Andrew Lang, the poet, literary critic and anthropologist, famously said, “He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp posts - for support rather than for illumination.” The modern day version of this that I’ve heard used throughout corporations is that they use *research* like a dunk uses a lamp post - for support not [...]

Global Trends in Youth Media Consumption and Increased Multitasking

Global Internet media and social media consumption among adults has evolved differently based on regions. The US tends to lead the way, followed with varying levels  of adoption across EMEA (Europe Middle East & Africa), APaC (Asia Pacific & China) and LatAm (Latin America). But youth globally seem to be adopting social media and media [...]

Study Finds Facebook Pages Can Increase Customer Loyalty by 36%

First off I have to say that I haven’t been a big fan of Alltop. I like the idea and have a ton of respect for Guy Kawasaki but I’ve just personally never found anything useful there. That is until today. Alltop released Alltop.Futurity. How to stay on top of research from universities Duke University, [...]

82% of Teens Watch TV Online. 48% Watch TV on Cell Phones.

Teenagers watch TV online. No big shocker right? According to a Horrowitz Associates recent study, almost all teens watch TV online at least once a month. Half watch TV on their phones monthly. This study purposely excludes online only content. Their parents and older siblings are much further behind. Almost half watch some news and [...]

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