Twitter for News and Facebook for Tech?

An interesting report about Twitter users vs Facebook users and their reading and linking habits from Chitka. Chitika, Inc., is a search-based online advertising network.

I’m curious if this is accurate for you or not? While I didn’t think Facebook was more tech and Twitter was more general news, it does make sense if I think about it. My perception’s probably a little warped because most of the news I’m interested in is tech.

Twitterers Thrive off the Bleeding Edge of News

The comparison seems to be that Twitterers want knowledge, and to be the first to hear about everything, whereas Facebook users are more interested in being the coolest, with the newest gadgets and hottest fashion.

Twitter Stats

Twitter Stats

Genre  % of Twitter traffic
News  28.49%
Movies  22.56%
Tech  13.39%
Medical  7.98%
Other   27.58%

Facebook Stats

Facebook Stats

Genre % of Facebook Traffic
Tech  33.22%
Lifestyle  18.29%
News  18.25%
How-To  4.55%
Other  25.69%

Additional information and graphics to accompany this story may be viewed and downloaded here:

SOURCE Chitika, Inc.

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  • thattalldude

    Very interesting. I'm also very much into the tech news, but I get most of that from Twitter. I suppose it has a lot to do with the vast majority of my friends not being the geeky type.

  • tacanderson

    Yeah, I'm not your typical Facebook user so I can't judge but I thought
    Twitter was more techy than that Facebook.

  • itamarro

    Interesting. Indeed at first it seems counter-intuitive but it does make sense when you consider it.

    Now, if only someone could do a demographic breakdown – I'm especially interested in seeing if the difference is consistent across all age groups or not… My guess is that this difference has much to do with the demographic nature of content authors in each of these services: It is pretty safe to assume that Twitter has less content authored by teens (given e.g. and other available stats), which would indeed translate to less “lifestyle” links, i.e.

    P.S. Just discovered your blog – and it's great! Thanks for the great content!

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