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The Economy is Still Broken Because No One Has Actually Fixed Anything

All The Rules Have Changed But Companies and Governments Are Still Trying To Play The Same Game

As I’ve stated before I’m not an economist but I’m starting to think that not being an economist, but being a participant observer, makes me a better judge of what’s wrong and how to fix it. So with that statement that’s sure get me some hate mail, I have come up with the solution to all of World’s economic problems:

Instead of spending £/$Billions on bailing out companies, governments need to let those companies collapse and instead spend all that bailout money on reeducating the employees who are impacted when those companies go under. 

We never hit bottom last time. Governments came in and bailed out some of biggest dinosaurs in their bloated industries instead of letting nature take it’s course. No one actually fixed anything. The same problems that existed 3-4 years ago, still exist today. Capitalism is a high churn, disruptive, Darwinian system that isn’t kind but it works. Let it work and let the market take care of itself. Let the entrepreneurs innovate. Politicians, leave the economy alone.

“The Recession” is not over. I’m not even sure that this is a recession or that it will ever be over. But at the very least we have 4 more years left. The recession has already produced a huge wave of entrepreneurs. Let’s just get out of their way.

I knew that the recession would only accelerate social media’s adoption. And I’m starting to think that all that innovation is feeding the recession. And weather there’s a bubble or not, the truly innovative startups will be fine. In fact I think they may be the only ones that will.

So what should you be doing now? What can you, individually, do about the recession?

  • Shut up and innovate.
  • Focus on creating real value for all stakeholders. (Do well by doing good.)
  • If you’re stuck, reinvent yourself.
  • Quit reading blogs by pretentious know-it-all’s and do something.

Here’s 3 books I’ve found extremely helpful and would highly recommend:

My last bit of advice is to do whatever you need to and prepare for things to get worse.

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  • Heidi Miller

    Agreed that the Power of Pull is a great read for resetting your brain and thinking a bit more freshly. Curious about Drive; I’m looking for a recharge guide as my own life and work shifts a bit. I’ll pick it up; thanks!

  • http://www.newcommbiz.com/ tacanderson

    I highly recommend Drive. I think its just what you’re looking for.

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