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2011 Is Not About Social Media. Prepare For The Next Wave Of Disruption.

Every year I (like most people) look ahead and ask myself, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” (Okay, actually I ask myself that every few months.) This year I feel that it’s time for me (to begin) to pivot again slightly. @jhouston89 & @melissawz keep telling me I have to keep [...]

The Scoop on Building Community with GovLoop

Coming off the great week I had last week attending and speaking at the Social Media for Defense and Government conference I’m still trying to post all of my thoughts. You can see all of my conf posts here. The great thing about going to The Social Media for Defense and Government conference is that [...]

The National Guard’s Social Media Guidelines [Case Study]

I’m really enjoying the Social Media for Defense and Government conference. It’s a total departure from the tech world I live in but at the same time it’s not that different. I have a few other posts from the conference. One I pushed live yesterday and a few others like this one that I’ll be editing [...]

Public Diplomacy Via Innovative Social Media

The first speaker that I was able to see at the Social Media for Defense and Government Conference was Dr Mark Drapeau. Mark is the Director, Innovative Social Engagement, Microsoft US Public Sector What follows is my near real time interpretation of what Mark spoke on but I would add that I probably got some of [...]


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