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Naming Your Children Based on Available URLs

Here’s a little Friday fun for you. A few years ago I bought domain names for my kids and then wondered if we would start to see people naming their children based on available domain names and user handles on Facebook or Twitter. I even got some flack for bringing up this point though  most [...]

Naming Your Children And Managing Their Online Identity In Age Of The Internet

I grew up with two names. My real name and the name everyone has called me my entire life. No Tac Anderson isn’t my given name, but it’s the name everyone but the Government and the banks call me. My real name is Andrew Golden Anderson II. I was named after my dad and instead [...]

How to Reinvent Yourself in 3 (Not-So) Easy Steps

The last few years have been hard for a lot of people. The Great Recession, the Great Reset, whatever you want to call it. Times like these cause a lot of  change, at a macro and micro level. We’ve watched whole industries radically change. And I love talking about that change here on this blog. [...]