A Collection of 2010 Social Media Predictions

As 2010 approaches there is  no shortage of 2010 predictions. (Mine included) I know some people get bored of these but I love them. I’ve been collecting a few to share with you here. Some of these I agree with some of these I don’t but I thought I’d let you make the call.

Netscape, Yelp, and the Tech IPO Boom of 2010

I’m wagering we’re about to enter a similar period in 2010. The last one was initiated by the Netscape IPO, one of the first commercial browser makers. Its IPO, less than two years after the company was founded, triggered an avalanche of similar offerings, and thus helped cause the dot-com episode that characterized the market’s madness of the late-1990s. All it would take to make it happen again is another Netscape moment, as it were.

Predictions for the Groundswell in 2010 — Twitter gets serious or gets bought

Emily Riley and our whole Groundswell team have just published our predictions for 2010. We serve interactive marketers, so these are marketing focused predictions. They are:

1. Companies’ use of social councils will attain budgets and power.
2. Listening Platform insights will go mainstream.
3. Marketers will focus less son fuzzy social media metrics and more on real marketing metrics.
4. Twitter will become profitable or get acquired.
5. Facebook will get more hands-on to protect users’ — and its own — interests.
6. Incompatible mobile devices and siloed social applications will shatter the social experience.

Ten trends that will matter to every company in 2010

First Five: Fundamental Marketplace Changes Driven by Technology

  1. Search – Who Will Lead is Not Always Obvious
  2. A Simple Technology, SMS, Is Changing How We Communicate
  3. Mobile Will be the Most Powerful Form of Media
  4. Advertising will Change
  5. Video is Becoming the Favourite Place to Learn

Second Five: Trends Driven By Consumers

  1. Media Consumption is Completely Changing
  2. Who I Trust is Most Important: Companies No Longer Decide For Me
  3. Brand + Individual = Influence: You Need to be Online to Have a Voice
  4. Content Syndication Drives Share of Conversation
  5. Best Firms will Collaborate, Share and Learn in Real-Time

TrendsSpotting 2010 Social Media Trend Predictions

View more documents from Taly Weiss.

8 News Media Business Trends for 2010

1. Social Media Monetization
2. Revenue Beyond Advertising
3. As Publications Fold, Others Become Lean and Mean
4. Growth in Hyperlocal and Community Models
5. Local Advertising Grows
6. Local Advertising Models Emerge
7. To Charge or Not To Charge?
8. The Freemium Model

2010 Prediction: Employees MIA

Over the course of 2010 we will see a decline in direct-hire employees and a rise in both contractors and entrepreneurs in the workforce.

2010: The Year of the Community Manager

I think 2010 is going to be the year of the community manager.

As more companies start to embrace social media as a key part of their communications, marketing and sales strategies, they are going to realize that community managers play a crucial role. It’s a job that combines Web expertise with the ability to filter and generate lots of content, customer service, marketing, business development and media/public relations.

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