Global Trends in Youth Media Consumption and Increased Multitasking

Global Internet media and social media consumption among adults has evolved differently based on regions. The US tends to lead the way, followed with varying levels  of adoption across EMEA (Europe Middle East & Africa), APaC (Asia Pacific & China) and LatAm (Latin America). But youth globally seem to be adopting social media and media consumption in a more uniformed manner.

We all know youth are uber multitaskers so none of these stats are shocking but it’s interesting to see that some stats showing this is true of youth globally.

This video was created mostly with Canadian statistics but when you get to the 2:30 mark there are some interesting global statistics.

My favorite stat: Teens multitask enough to squeeze 31 hours into 24

Additionally you have this release I stumbled on a few weeks ago.

According to new research that Survey Sampling International (SSI) conducted among adults in the US, UK, France, Spain and Japan:

Media multi-tasking — such as simultaneously searching Web sites, emailing and talking to someone — is prevalent in all countries, particularly among younger consumers.  For example, in the US, 60% of 18 – 34 year olds report talking to someone while texting, compared to just 24% of those 35 or older.

“Younger people consider it the norm to divide their attention among multiple media.  They don’t even think of it as multi-tasking but just as their regular way of communicating,” says Mark Hardy, SSI’s Chief Strategy Officer and Managing Director, North America.  ”At SSI, we started to see this trend a few years ago, when focus groups with panel members revealed they often surfed the Web or watched TV while taking surveys.  Our latest research shows this trend is growing, posing both complications and opportunities for market researchers.

The only determining factor I can see driving social media adoption and media consumption among youth is Internet access. In developing countries where the Internet still isn’t reliably available, the desire for connected communications is so great that they achieve much of the same functionality through SMS. While in Africa I saw SMS based services that mimicked the functionality we’ve come to expect from social networking sites and Craigslist.

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