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Chasing Your Customers vs Chasing Your Competitors

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I’ve read a lot lately saying that, in regards to social media,  2009 is the year for action and I agree. The problem is that most of “the action” will be based on 2008′s “talking points.”

2009 is a different world than 2008 and most of those people taking action will be playing catch up.  Worse yet, they’ll be playing catch up to the wrong people. They’ll be playing catch up to their competition.

Almost every industry has someone who’s entered the social media space. Either they’ve started a blog or done a Facebook widget or even at least advertised on one of the many blog networks.  Those who haven’t will feel increasing pressure to enter the space.

In my experience companies that play catch up are usually just copying what came before.
Q: How many smart phones are coming out as “iPhone-Like” with full touch screens?
A: All of them.

Marketing is no better. I’m afraid that 2009 will be a lot of rehashed 2008 tactics.

Companies shouldn’t be playing catch up with their competitors, they should be playing catch up with their customers.

Your customer today are the trend setters. They’re the ones with blogs, YouTube channels, Twitter, FriendFeed, mashups and whatever’s next. You should not just be chasing customers for their business, you should be chasing your customers for their innovation and creativity. Learn from them and their business will follow.

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