Don’t Blow Your Product Launch

Mike Arrington wrote a great post 3 years ago called, Don’t Blow Your Beta. It’s still a great read.  With that in mind I can’t help but to shake my head when I hear news like this from major companies:

Palm Puts Its Hand Out | NBC Bay Area

But here’s the problem: No phone yet. All that buzz, and if you want a cool touch-screen phone, the choices are still pretty much your local Apple store, or a BlackBerry outlet. The Pre is nowhere to be found. And now, Palm admits that re-starting the buzz could be very expensive.

The same thing basically happened to BlackBerry and their release of the Storm. They built all this hype around it being an iPhone killer only to let people down.

In all fairness I’ve now heard great things about the Storm. They released a software update that fixed the majority of the complaints users initially had, but you can never get that launch back. People are so worried about loosing market share that they rush to launch something even if it’s not ready.

What ever happened to under promise and over deliver?

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