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A Geeks Guide to Conference Going Gear

I have just finished my month of speaking at conferences. They were all great. Today’s #SM301 was especially enjoyable. One question I get a lot is about my gear bag. All the equipment I’m able to carry around in a very compact setup. So between the conference and the after conference dinner, I shot a [...]

Mobile Should Be Defined By People’s Behavior Not Product Features

What is a mobile device? The Zuck recently created quite the stir when he claimed stated that the iPad was not a mobile device. Kara Swisher and many others disagree with him, including the maker of the iPad, Steve Jobs. You can even take Kara’s poll on the subject. The argument that people make as [...]

Why My Mom Wants An iPad And I Don’t

If you’re a regular reader you know I’m not an Apple fan. I love their design, hate their closed system. Also, (to be transparent) most of my tech clients compete with Apple. A little over a year ago I got my grandmother a netbook because my aunt and uncle really thought she would like to [...]

Stickybits is Google Sidewiki for the Real World

The Internet of things is the one of the next big side effects of our always on, always mobile lifestyles. McKinsey recently released a report on the implications of the Internet of things. I saw this coming to life this weekend. At SXSW everyone was given a little packet of stickers. Actually everyone was given [...]

Corporate Social Media Backlash: The Virtual Firewall

In December I predicted that over the next 5 years we would see intranets begin to integrate with social networks. I’ve seen some signs recently that this might take longer than I anticipated (but trust me it will happen). The intranet is a metaphor for corporate control. Intranets are secure networks of communication. Employees can [...]

Training My Own Citizen Journalist

I’ve mentiond before that my Emma has a smartphone (a Palm Centro - it was BOGO when we got my wife the same phone). She doesn’t have a data plan but she download pics and vids to her HP Mini. I never taught her how to use her phone like this. She picked up video [...]

Wifi will be free everywhere when we don’t need it anymore

This rant is inspired by Jeremiah’s post Hotels: Don’t Charge Us For Internet Use. (If you travel much, he also has some listed resources that you should check out) I’m happy to say that after a month of being a bachelor in Bellevue (sounds like a bad reality show knock off) I finally have my [...]

Don’t Blow Your Product Launch

Mike Arrington wrote a great post 3 years ago called, Don’t Blow Your Beta. It’s still a great read.  With that in mind I can’t help but to shake my head when I hear news like this from major companies: Palm Puts Its Hand Out | NBC Bay Area But here’s the problem: No phone [...]

2009 predictions: Mergers, Netbooks, Smartphones, Linux and Energy

Image via WikipediaWhile I think all of these are pretty safe bets, I think the author got it right on. And in 09-10 I think that safe bets will be the only bets, but that still doesn’t mean they’ll pay off. TG Daily - 2009: Year of mergers, platform changes and conservation Analyst Opinion - [...]

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