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Vilifying Multitasking and Fear Mongering is Counterproductive

As I write this post I’m listening to my headphones, my foot tapping along to the music. This morning while I was driving in to work I was listening to the audio of James Gleick’s The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood. Wasn’t my brain doing more than one thing at a time? That doesn’t [...]

Data Visualization Is The Answer To Information Overload

I learned something on the way to work this morning: My commute is exactly as long as a TED talk. You can subscribe to the podcast version which is a great way to learn something new and get your morning inspiration. It works great unless you are listening to a talk about data visualization. Then [...]

The Worst Response to Information Overload is Doing Nothing

As always, Marshall Kirkpatrick has a great post on the Real-Time Web. The post is a precursor to Read/Write Web’s Real-Time Web Summit happening this week, unfortunately at the same time as BlogWorld. Marshall points out that one of the biggest problem with the Real-Time Web is information overload. This graphic points to two possible [...]

Write Great Content. Fragment. Distribute Everywhere.

Dave Patton and I have been talking about creating content and then “fragmenting” and re-purposing it. This would allow for the whole story to be found but plan for and receive all the benefits of fragmenting and distributing your content. Write a feature length journalistic story, turn that into a blog post into a tweet, [...]

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