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My New and Improved GTD Moleskine Hack

I’ve been using some sort of a notebook or paper planner most of my life. For the last 6 years I’ve been a very dedicated Moleskine user. I try other notebooks but I keep coming back to the Moleskine. Maybe it’s just self validation but I absolutely believe there is a direct correlation between ones [...]

My Next Step Towards World Domination: Social Media in Europe, The Middle East and Africa

I have been writing here on this site for 4 years and 4 months. If you’ve been reading along for that long (thank you) you will have seen a significant amount of change in my life over those 52 months. For those of you who may be newer to the site and to my life [...]

My Two Best Friends: Failure and Rejection

I got some pretty bad news this week. I was rejected. I think I actually deal with failure and rejection pretty well (once I get past the initial sadness then anger) and it’s only because I have lots and lots of practice. I don’t have a showroom of failures but I’m thinking about it. Like [...]

Spending My Spring Break at Harvard Business School

One of the biggest challenges I’ve had over the last two years is the shift from being “the social media guy,” the guy that came up with the ideas and had to implement them to building and leading a team of digital strategist across multiple large client accounts. I’ve spent a lot less time implementing [...]

The Social Media Strategists Workout

I’m pretty active on social media. (That was my annual submission to the understatement of the year award.) I’m an over sharer on pretty much any social network I join, but I have leveled off over the last year. I’ve settled into a comfortable rhythm and am happy with my routine. When talking to coworkers or clients [...]

What’s It Like Being Married To An Early Adopter, Entrepreur?

If you’re an early adopter, entrepreneur type then this description of hypomania may sound familiar. Basically not quite manic depressive (with the really high highs and the really low, lows) and not full on bipolar. Just below all that is hypomania. I think that’s what being married to someone like me must be like. I’ve [...]

My GTD Moleskine Hacks

Be sure to join the New Comm Biz Facebook Page or follow the Twitter account. Why do I insist on keeping a notebook? To quote Dwight Schrute, “I keep secrets from my computer.” Actually there’s just something about a blank page that inspires creativity and thought. For as digital as my life gets I still love [...]

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