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We have a Twitter Down!

The title of this blog should be read out loud in your best drunken Scottish accent.

Twitter seems to be failing at an ever increasing rate. Some people are calling for a global day of tough love to show Twitter that this isn’t acceptable.

Others are just moving on to FriendFeed. If you’re not on FriendFeed yet, sign up. If you’re one of my Twitter friends, please sign up. When Twitter’s down (and even when it’s not) it’s usually where I am.

Have I given up on Twitter? No. Have I supplemented my Twitter activity? Yes. If Twitter can’t handle the traffic I’ll defer most of my traffic elsewhere.

FriendFeed is really a much better way to keep track of your friends since it shows blog updates, Google Reader shared items (with Notes), bookmarking, flickr photo’s and the list goes on. Oh yeah and it shows Twitter when in works.

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