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A Geeks Guide to Conference Going Gear

I have just finished my month of speaking at conferences. They were all great. Today’s #SM301 was especially enjoyable. One question I get a lot is about my gear bag. All the equipment I’m able to carry around in a very compact setup. So between the conference and the after conference dinner, I shot a [...]

Why My Mom Wants An iPad And I Don’t

If you’re a regular reader you know I’m not an Apple fan. I love their design, hate their closed system. Also, (to be transparent) most of my tech clients compete with Apple. A little over a year ago I got my grandmother a netbook because my aunt and uncle really thought she would like to [...]

Technology and Creative Destruction

It amazes me how quickly the newest technologies become commodities. Eventually everything competes on price because eventually the difference in quality become negligible. The NYT had a great article articulating the current reality of this in the World of Technology. $200 Laptops Break a Business Model - NYTimes.com Mr. Title, a 35-year-old new-media manager at [...]

2009 predictions: Mergers, Netbooks, Smartphones, Linux and Energy

Image via WikipediaWhile I think all of these are pretty safe bets, I think the author got it right on. And in 09-10 I think that safe bets will be the only bets, but that still doesn’t mean they’ll pay off. TG Daily - 2009: Year of mergers, platform changes and conservation Analyst Opinion - [...]

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