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Why Andreessen is One of My Heroes

Image via CrunchBase These four articles came into my feed back to back. Of any serial entrepreneur out there, he’s the one I admire the most. I’ve never had the chance to meet Mark but I hope to someday. I was a loyal subscriber to his blog before he took a break for almost a [...]

Sequoia and Ycombinator team up, but is that a good thing?

Image via CrunchBase YCombinator has been a huge inspiration for many a young startup. The whole investment/accelerator/incubator model is something I would love to see more of (esp here in my home town of Boise) but I have to wonder if YCombinator’s newest deal is a good thing or not. (via TechCrunch) Y Combinator Gets [...]

Why is VC money so alluring?

In the tech entrepreneur space there seems to be a dichotomy about raising VC money. One side seems to view raising VC money for their business as a necessity. The other sees VC money as evil. These are of course the polar extremes to the dichotomy but you get the idea. The truth of course [...]

Entrepreneurs! Start Your Engines!

At the end of the worst financial week the World has ever seen, bankers and stockbrokers may be ready to jump out windows, but I’m feeling rather optimistic today. Barring a complete meltdown of society (some may argue we are already witnessing that) the coming months are going to be a great time to start [...]

Web 2.0, Venture Capital and Me

Today my two worlds collide. I’ve always had two slightly different (but overlapping) worlds I live in.  One is the Online Social Media/Marketing world that most of you reading this blog are familiar with. The other is as an evangelist for the Boise tech scene, which I cover on my TechBoise blog. About 18 months [...]

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