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Make it easy for other people to honestly spread good things about your impact on their lives.

[inspired, once again, by the lovely and talented Tamsen McMahon] That’s all this whole thing is about.  All the Facebook, Twitter, Online Content, Blogging, Offline Networking, Engagement, Authenticity and all the other buzzword crap. True success in the world comes from making it easy for other people to honestly spread good things about your impact [...]

When it’s broken, don’t tell me you’re happy I bought it, FIX it. : A rant.

Here’s why 90% of “social media” used by business is frustrating, ultimately ineffectual talk that many times feels ‘hollow’ and unfulfilling. When someone tweets about a problem they have with your product, that is not a communications problem. That is a product problem. When someone ‘likes’ you on Facebook, that doesn’t mean they want to [...]

Twitter is Business’ Napster. How sad.

How sad, that companies need Twitter. How sad, that there’s no internal foundation, inherent expectation or cultural want for people working at companies to have any way of connecting with the people using their products or services. How sad that ivory towers were built up through outsourced “customer service” departments, impossible-to-navigate phone trees, websites with [...]

Reach vs. Engagement once and for all

This post is cross-posted from jeremymeyers.com Editors note: Since Jeremy didn’t add a picture I’m throwing a random one in for him. OK. Reach is a measurement of who exists to be engaged with at any given time. How many people are on your Facebook page.  How many Twitter followers do you have?  It is [...]

Outsourcing expertise is not a replacement for learning, or an excuse not to teach.

Many of us in some way or another are charged with providing some level of expert advice, be it on social media strategy, content development, customer service or what shoe goes best with that little black dress. In these situations, people are outsourcing expertise to us.  We become extensions of their brains, their tastes, their [...]

On Agency-Side Professional Loyalties: Some Questions.

Is our job to provide clients what would best and most cost-effectively address their needs, or what we think we can get them to pay for that may also address them? Are we loyal to efficient, effective work or to increasing our percentage of billable hours? Is it ever good business to say “no, this [...]

Ew, put that thing back in your pants!: The Assault of Masturbatory Marketing

We’ve all seen it.  The website that proudly proclaims the awesomeness of the new product, the brand, the campaign.  The one that wants to give you a chance to be a part of the awesomeness! The one who invites you to submit your email address to get updates about awesome new things happening around this [...]

Google gets Pac-Man Fever: Keep it BLEEP BLOOPin simple, stupid:

Google’s logo today is Pac-man.  It’s playable.  You can go to www.google.com right now (assuming you’re reading this on 5/21) and play a custom developed HTML/CSS/JS version of Namco Bandai (our client)’s classic game  Pac-Man based around the Google logo, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the game. They didn’t send out a press release, [...]

The simple (but not easy) secret to successful Corporate Online Communications

A lot of us spend a lot of time writing strategy documents detailing the best practices for engaging with customers via social networks. A lot of us write the same things over and over.  We do a good job of showing off our digital chops, and encouraging people to be ‘authentic, valuable, transparent’ (three now-meaningless [...]

A Followup: Don’t just Recognize the Suck. Suck less.

Yesterday I wrote a post about Recognizing the Suck.  After some reflection, I think that post is incomplete.  To wit: It’s not enough to recognize the suck.  You must suck less. Social tools are one part of an overall circle of influence, not a replacement for anything.  That said, they’re also the cheapest, easiest way [...]

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