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Read The Now Revolution To Fix Your Social Media Now

I’ve recommended several books before. And I’ve read far more books than I recommend. I don’t recommend a book I haven’t read and don’t really believe in. I’ve also all but quit reading books just about social media. I have not read a book just about social media in 6 months that taught me something [...]

The Fear of the Unknown Competitor

This post is part of a virtual book club series dedicated to The Lords of Strategy. Yesterday I wrote about competition and how companies used to not benchmark themselves against their competition. Today this is common practice. I’ve never met a business that doesn’t do this to some degree. Competition is hard but competition makes [...]

Competition and the Birth (and Death) of Branding

This post is part of a virtual book club series dedicated to The Lords of Strategy I warned you that The Lords of Strategy inspired several posts and will likely inspire several more. This post is about competition and the birth of Branding. Competing on Cost Chapter 3 is dedicated to the discovery/creation of The [...]

I’m Loving The Lords Of Strategy [Book]

I’m reading this amazing book called The Lords of Strategy: The Secret Intellectual History of the New Corporate World by Walter Liechel III. It’s about the founding fathers of the business strategy world and how the big business consulting companies like the Boston Consulting Group (BGC), Bain and Company, McKinsey and others got started. Liechel [...]

Facebook and Blog Contests Stats

Why do I share so much on this blog? I blog almost everyday and I openly share what I learn here. Some may think that as a “consultant” I would be better off keeping what I learn to myself and only sell it to paying clients. Well if you’re reading this you probably know that’s [...]

Book writing progress report

I feel pretty good about my progress to date. You can follow my progress via The Book category. Here’s a list of my most recent posts: The Myth of the Corporation. The Reality of the Corporation How Much Does Trust Cost? Creating Smarter Organizations. Creative Interactions Lead to More Innovation. Web 2.0 Has a Higher [...]

I’m in the book, Groundswell (sort of)

I just got an email from the VP of Marketing for LaserJet, Vince Ferraro: “Our blog is quoted as part of the popular book, Groundswell.” The funny thing is that I had just bought the book last week and I wasn’t even aware that Vince’s blog was featured in it. Many of you may know [...]

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