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How to Build a Community Around Your Company that Won’t Turn on You: The Presentation

Last Friday I had the opportunity to present at the WebVisions conference in Portland, Oregon. It was a great event and a great crowd. @sherylmaloney has a great writeup of several of the sessions she attended, including my own from last Monday. Much like I did last time I’m embedding each slide as an image and [...]

Scaling the Social Media Strategist: The Presentation

On Monday I had the opportunity to present at Social Media Club Portland on the topic of Scaling the Social Media Strategist. This Friday I’ll be presenting in Portland again at WebVisions on the topic of How to Build a Community Around Your Company that Won’t Turn on You. I always struggle with how to recap [...]

The Science of Social Media From The US Navy

Just saw a great presentation from the US Navy. I came in late so I wasn’t able to get my computer set up in time to blog the event but the Navy offers all of their presentations on the US Navy SlideShare site so I was able to grab the presentation. What made this presentation [...]

Social Media Strategy the Presentation

Based on my previous post on social media strategy I was asked to speak at the Social Media for Defense conference, next week in Washington, DC. The thought of presenting social media strategy to the military was far to cool an opportunity to pass up. Now the irony of a business strategist talking about strategy [...]

Yes You Do Need a Social Media Strategy

Usually when I disagree with really smart people in this space it usually has to do more with semantics than with any core fundamental difference. I know this is largely one of those times but I believe that semantics are very important. Wars have been fought over misconceptions caused by semantics. Please note that I’m [...]

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