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Get Used To Twitter Buying Companies

LEGO Twitter Fail WhaleSo apparently some people are shocked that Twitter would buy a startup built on it’s service. Really? Hello does anyone remember Summize? The Twitter search startup that Twitter bought and that became Twitter Search. Now Twitter’s bought Tweetie, the leading premium Twitter iPhone app and made it Twitter for iPhone. Anyone notice a trend?

I know this is going to come off a s a one big “I twold you so!” post, but maybe it is. Way back in March of 2009 I predicted that Twitter would acquire startups that find a way to monetize Twitter.

Will Twitter build or acquire a business model?

Twitter and many others will acquire startups that can monetize Twitter (or any other social network).

Now ironically Twitter acquired a startup that was monetizing Twitter through a premium app and are now going to give away the app for free but that’s absolutely the right thing to do.

Then again in August of last year I asked: Is Twitter Shopping for a Business Model?

Then to be very clear I posted again a moth later:

What will Twitter do with $100 Million? [Acquisitions]

They’ll build some features and tools (the easy ones). They’ll start making the kind of partnerships that Facebook is making in selling data to other companies. But I think they are going to start getting serious about acquiring companies.

So far I’ve been pretty spot on except I thought they would have been much more active by now. So with that I’ll continue my predictions, Twitter has a boat load of money and are in no hurry to sell. They’re going to continue to acquire startups.

If you want more analysis here’s the best posts I’ve seen so far:

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  • http://www.deaddinosaur.co.uk/blog Chris Norton

    Yeah I can see them buying a few more companies so they can take control of its own channel. The Twitter team have shut down many bulk following applications recently and it is all leading to something the question is what?

  • http://www.twitter.com/prbristolblog PRBristolblog

    It makes me laugh to see the amounts of apps such as Tweetdeck / Hootsuite that base their business on a completely open API for Twitter.

    What if Twitter buys Tweetdeck and offers full access exclusively to this app, effectively taking out Hootsuite?

  • http://www.newcommbiz.com tacanderson

    Twitter has built an amazing ecosystem of revenue free startups built off a revenue free startup.

  • craigballhagen

    All of these new inovations with social networking is pretty exciting.. Who knows what will be next.

  • http://www.JustLetMeVent.wordpress.com/ jgraziani

    Just tweeted about this very thing. I don't think anyone should be surprised at this development in the Twitter story. They will acquire the best tools and bundle everything into a package.

  • http://regulargeek.com/ robdiana

    I am honored to have my post listed with Fred Wilson, John Battelle and Louis Gray. You flatter me :)

    For the record, anyone who is surprised that they purchased a Twitter-only client is not paying attention. They bought Summize ages ago because Twitter needed search. When it comes to mobile platforms, you can bet they want to have a Twitter-only client available.

  • http://www.newcommbiz.com tacanderson

    Don't sell yourself short Rob, you belong in that camp.

  • http://www.newcommbiz.com tacanderson

    Seriously, this is what every tech company ever has done for years. Why are people so surprised about Twitter doing it?

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