Speaking about #Gamification at #SocialMediaWeek

lego mobile space games

I super excited about this next week for a few reasons. First off because I get to go back to the US for a week. I’ll be in Seattle Mon-Wed and then I’ll be in San Francisco Thur-Fri. The second reason I’m excited which is the whole reason I’m going, is to … Continue reading

3 Rockstar Blogs To Read [July]

This month I wanted to focus on 3 Rockstar Bloggers and their “other” blogs. The 3 bloggers in question are actually professional bloggers but they keep other blogs for their personal musings. You’ll see what I mean. Marshall Kirkpatrick Marshall is the lead writer and co-editor for Read Write Web, … Continue reading

The Worst Response to Information Overload is Doing Nothing

As always, Marshall Kirkpatrick has a great post on the Real-Time Web. The post is a precursor to Read/Write Web’s Real-Time Web Summit happening this week, unfortunately at the same time as BlogWorld. Marshall points out that one of the biggest problem with the Real-Time Web is information overload. This … Continue reading

Your Social Media Basic Training. Where to Start.

Someone asked me yesterday to share with them where I get my news from. What feeds did I subscribe to and who did I follow on Twitter. Well I subscribe to 401 blog feeds and follow 3500+ people on Twitter and each source was manually added by me over the … Continue reading